Thursday, 29 May 2014

National Championships will be held in Madison on Saturday

On the same day the major European National tournaments end, the US Rugby will held a day of ruck&maul extravaganza in Wisconsin.

I really like the fact that US Rugby gives the same space to all national divisions and puts together the finals in one venue. It gives all players the same level of visibility, although unfortunately not too high, and also gives women’s rugby the same space as men’s: a big change from how rugby is run in the other countries where female athletes are confined in small venues and almost completely neglected by the men’s counterparts.

Here the program:

Men's Division III (10:00 AM): New York Old Blue D3 - Life West

Women's Division II (12:15 PM): Rocky Gorge - Tempe

Men's Division II (2:30 PM): Pittsburgh Angels - Sacramento

Women's Division I (4:45 PM): Chicago North Shore - Oregon Sports Union

Men's Division I (7:00 PM): Life University – New Orleans

I have to admit that my level of knowledge on the US domestic competition, although improving, will not allow me to make any sensible predictions on winners and losers. I also fear I’ll have no chance to watch the games from downunder, but I’ll be anyhow interested in finding out how it will go. I’m a firm believer in the possibilities of the Eagles to achieve the first 10 positions of IRB rankings.
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