Thursday, 15 May 2014

After 12 weeks of exciting rugby the two teams that dominated the competition will face off.

May 17th will be an important day for US rugby, it could even be an historic one, with the first PRP coming to an end.

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Every successful story has a beginning, as well as the not so successful, and sometime the beginning could be end, of the season. In 1892 the 30 Frenchmen, who ended the first final of what now has evolved in the Top14, were probably unaware of the bright future ahead, they most likely were just sore and eager for a nice glass of red.
The 30 / 40 men at Infinity Park will be equally sore and equally eager for a drink, beer most likely than wine, they’ll be less na├»ve of her brothers of 120 odd years ago, but equally unaware of the way ahead. A way which I hope it will be a successful one, PRP showed that the public is willing to embrace more and more the game played in heaven and that a regular competition with strong team will attract interest, even in a nation where the game played in heaven is still a minor one.
It is somehow funny look at the US from over here in Australia: the US situation is opposite, downunder a third tier competition is struggling to emerge, hopefully NRC will be a success, but second tier, i.e. Superugby, is at one of the highest levels in the world. On the other side D1 (and D2 and D3) are so strong and women’s D1 and D2 are amazing, but elite club rugby is struggling. Maybe the PRP will pave the way to a similar “ARP”, Atlantic Rugby Premiership, to group the elite teams on the other site of the country to start build around few clubs the talent pool that will elevate the eagles to higher ranking.
Regardless of who will win the game, my 2$ will go for the Raptors, the final will be remembered and I envy who has a ticket for Infinity Park, and I hope some good soul will provide a feed.
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