Friday, 2 May 2014

Get on with it, not just the man in orange penalised the Rebels

Yesterday after the game I was not happy with the ref, I admit, it is the wrong attitude, but years out of the playing field it develops naturally. The referee made bad calls, especially was not able to get the game flowing when it should in a northern hemisphere style he tolerated both teams to slow down the ball, with my one eye I could see any white jersey rolling away, but I guess there were as many Rebels slowing down the ball. Some passes were blandly forward and between the three officials they picked half of them.
But the Rebels and we outraged fans should look at the game plan, the game was lost there, blaming the referee does not help anybody.
The Sharks came with no intention to play at all, they sat back and waited until the right counter attack gave Mvovo an JP Pietersen their only try. Merit to them that they executed their plan so good, but shame on the Rebels that didn't dared to attack more and reverted to an incredible number of futile kicks.
The Melbournians played the same game in the first half against the Brumbies and it didn't delivered, but that time they were able to reassess and come back in the second stanza of the game with a different spirit that gained them a well deserved win. Yesterday the adjustment mid-way through the game didn't happened.
The kicks continued until the very last, when, down by 13 they had to push on the pedal. And it worked, one try arrived and another two were near. But the time was almost over and the Sharks were able to hold on and got rewarded with a dubious penalty after the siren.
At the end the Sharks take the 4 points and are the first south african team to win abroad in 2014 and the Rebels take another losing point that bring them ahead of the Reds in the Australian conference, small consolation.
The improvements under McGahan are remarkable and the gap is narrowing, the last step is not far away, but next week the Hurricanes are coming to town, they'll come to play and the Rebels will better change their mindset if they want to deliver a smile to their 10 thousand (and two) faithful.
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