Monday, 23 June 2014

Historic result for the Brave Blossoms after a 10 games streak

The Japanese team enters for the first time in the history of IRB rankings in the top 10 taking Fiji's place after the first win against Italy.
People may argue that IRB rankings not always reflect the values on the pitch, because they reward teams who plays more games, but at least a uniform system gives the possibility to compare apples with apples, and in this case the blossoms are shining.
A good omen for the host of 2019 RWC, the first non traditional white, stale and pale nation to organise the biggest event in the oval world.
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Monday, 2 June 2014

Life University and Oregon Sports Union take D1 titles.

For the students it is a confirmation of last year's title, for ORU the first title.
In D2 the Angels from Pittsburgh and Rocky Gorge win the finals in the women's and men's competition respectively, when D3 men's title goes to the second team of the snaring bulls.

The results:

D1 - women

Oregon Sports Union 48
Chicago North Shore 10

D1 - men

Life University 39
New Orleans 7
D2 - women

Pittsburgh Angels 36
Sacramento 21

D2 - men
Rocky Gorge 29
Tempe 5

D3 - men

New York Old Blue 25
Life West 7

And now let the 7's begin!
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