Monday, 11 August 2014

The english born scrumhalf to lead Melbourne's team in the NRC

Every choice can attract criticism, personally I’m not a big fan of scrumhalves captains, nothing personal, but I think most of the SH are very talkative and risk to go too much under the skins of the referees; this could be detrimental for a captain. In my opinion a captain should be a second or third rower or a midfielder, first rowers tend to be too much in the heat of the battle, as  well as wingers and the fullback tend to be often too far from it.
Stirzaker - photo Melbourne Rising
Nic Stirzaker is for sure a young prospect player and I’m sure he will deliver in the NRC, although I’d like to see more of Ben Meehan at number 9. He will do go as captain and I believe he can lead the pack.
I probably agree more with some of the names proposed by other fans in the Rising Facebook page, and I’m trying to understand why they didn’t got the captaincy: Lloyd Johansson, who has played in the Wallabies and Rebels before becoming an established Dewar Shield player, seemed to me a logical choice for the role, maybe he is not set to make the starting XV of the Rising? I doubt. Another player that I thought was a very good fit was Wallaby U20 captain’s Sean McMahon, but the impressive second rower didn’t make even the co-captaincy role. Role that has been given to Mitch Inman, along with Pat Leafa and Pom Simona, despite the first of the trio has been called to the Wallabies training camp and as Luke Jones may spend more time on International duties.
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