Friday, 30 January 2015

Does the world really need a rugby nines competition?

The answer is plainly no. Rugby Union and Rugby League should bury the hatchet and come together  and open the sevens competition to the league athletes.

Rugby Sevens is the perfect sport where the adaptation' degree from Union and League players in switching codes is similar. A pure union player need to increase his, or her, speed to play the fast paced game, a pace that is often already present in league, at least how it is played in the NRL. A union player should learn how not to throw his/her body into every contest to avoid giving a critical numerical advantage to the opposition, a skill often practised by the league players.
Conversely a league player in order to convert successfully to sevens need to understand how to retain the ball, but will be challenged by less opponents, so the learning will be easier, the tactics are also less complicated than the XV game and for a league player positioning will be less complicated than in switching to union.

If the league will converge to sevens as a speed pre-tournament showcase, instead of the no future nines experiment, will provide top athletes a chance to participate in the Olympic Games, an honour that rugby players of both code have not had for too long time.

Ideally 2016 pre-NRL tournament will be a sevens tournament and it will give the possibility to some of the huge talented players of the code to make themselves noted for Rio.

I believe that playing sevens will nor diminish the value of league nor attract too many players to move to XV, on the contrary, having a common sport to confront may attract union players to try league and will finally give the opportunity to see champions of the two codes play against or with each other.

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