Wednesday, 18 February 2015

After clinching the first win outside of Australia's shores in Rebels' history, the coach is calling for another milestone: "a back to back performance is what we need to do"

Tony McGahan -
photo Melbourne Rebels
Tony McGahan want to build on the first round win against the Crusaders in Chirstchurch and wishes that a big crowd will be attracted to AAMI park to watch the game against the Super Rugby reigning champions, in a seasons where in his words: "every one has the ability to win against everyone".
Co-captain Scott Fuglistaller spoke about the concentration and the lesson learned for the past two seasons' start, where the Rebels also scored first round wins to crash eventually in the second game.
Tomorrow the Rebels will face a wounded team that lost unexpectedly the first game and that will have almost all wallabies in the XV, as last week the Rebels faced an almost all blacks team: "tough challenge ahead of us, they'll be hurt after a loss last week in front of their home crowd", said Scott Fuglistaller, "they'll have a point to prove". Talking about the big units in the Waratahs' back row and the strategies to stop them Scott said: "cross the board they have big bodies, but we will not concentrate on individuals and will focus more on the collective unit." the way to contain the opponents, in the opinion of the co-captain is simple: "first up tackle, get the set pieces right, stop them at the source, stop their flow of game", and specifically referring to his role, he said that he have to: "bring calmness and leadership to the team".
The Rebels scored R1 win in 2013, 2014 and 2015, and keeping the concentration is paramount for the New Zealand born backrower, the mantra is "don't get carried away. Last year we get too much over ourselves with the first game win and (losing the second game) really hurt our season right from the start. (It) stopped the momentum that we built from the pre-season to that first game. We don't want to compare ourselves with last year, this is a new season, but we have to learn form the errors of the past."
Slightly contradicting his co-captain, McGahan was clear that his team shall not dwell on last season's start: "we haven't talked anything about last season, we have moved on, we used it as a review process, but last season hasn't been mentioned at any time."
Talking about the opening win in round 1, the coach nicknamed dumper in his playing days for his ability to tackle and dump much bigger opponents, said that "the best thing was an away win in New Zealand, but we let a lot of little things slip, some opportunities that we haven't took, we have look at them", he than continued saying that: "the biggest thing for us was staying in the contest and not putting ourselves in the position to lose it, when it was really tough, stick in don't give away cheap points and good and able enough to hold on and get a result to the back end, this was a good win in a tough environment in front of a really good side away from home."
Dumper's guys are ready to tackle and dump another bigger opponent, the Tahs are warned.
The Melbourne Rebels will face the New South Wales Waratahs on Friday at 7:40 p.m. at AAMI Stadium. The match will see an historical curtain raiser between two gay and inclusive teams for the first time in Victoria when the Melbourne Chargers will play the Bingham Cup holders Sydney Convicts.
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